Inches Management Programme

The Inches Plan

We have a weightloss plan here at Inches, an evaluation is FREE and would normally cost £20.00, we will take details of your current BMI and advise on a weight management solution. The Inches Plan allows you to lose weight with minimum effort, it is easy to follow and doesn't interfere with your family meals.  The average cost per day £3.80 less than a sandwich, packet of crisps and a drink. 

What’s different about The Inches Plan? 

Come on, be honest now, you’ve tried a list of diets and, what a surprise, you’ve failed. One thing all these diets have in common is that they leave you hungry and deprived, and they slow your metabolism too which means you’re on a never-ending succession of yoyo dieting. So don’t be too harsh on yourself…!

Now’s a good time to introduce our weight loss plan because it boosts your metabolism.  This is perhaps the most significant aspect of the plan - and it’s the number one factor that allows you to quit yoyo dieting for good. It’s basic science. A higher metabolism = more calories burned during the day - even when you’re at rest (OK, sitting on the sofa!). Our impressive weight-loss plan increases your metabolism by ensuring you eat the right foods in addition to regular, targeted strength training, which builds calorie-burning muscle.

It allows you to eat

Believe it or not, but you’ll actually eat a lot more on the Plan. That’s because we encourage you to eat five small, well balanced and nutritious meals every day rather than three large ones. So you won’t go hungry!

It’s healthy, nutritious and delicious

Diets which deprive you of certain foods and / or food groups also deprive you of essential nutrients. Because the Plan encourages you to eat a wide variety of fare from every food group, your diet will be rich in the nutrients your body needs.

It’s a diet you can stick to

By now, you’ve probably already worked this one out. The Plan satisfies your hunger, your taste buds, and even the occasional less-than-healthy craving. So it’s never been easier to stick to a healthy diet.

Permanent results WITHOUT permanent dieting

The Plan is magical. That’s because it makes your metabolism work hard – which means you drop pounds and it’s a glorious goodbye to those horrid yoyo diets. You will probably reach your goal weight with a higher metabolism than when you began.

Who Can Join?

Anyone who is assessed as requiring to lose weight from a few pounds to much more, what ever your size the Plan can be tailored to help you achieve a healthy weight level.
If you are an existing member of Inches, you can access the classes direct and just enquire with one of wellness coaches..
If you are not a member yet, but are very interested, then why not call us for more information on 01270 627525.