I have been using Shapemaster since July 14, 2011. I will admit that at first I was sceptical that machines that move for you would produce noticeable results. Wow - was I ever wrong! After just my first assessment, the results have been absolutely amazing. - Lesley"

This has made such a difference, in just a month, to the way I get in and out of the car, out of bed – I can even get up off the floor. As you get older the ability to do things slips away without you noticing. This is giving me back my life. I can see I will be able to do things I thought I would not be able to do again. I live alone so that is important. I’m sure I will lose weight as well but the rest of the benefits are better for me." – Victoria

"There is such a change in me, in the way I feel an overall feeling of wellness. I've only lost 8 ½" but to me that is progress. Shapemaster exercise is great! because I really feel good when I leave here. Everyone here is so very helpful they are with you from the time you enter until you leave. They are very, very interested in your doing your exercises right; they make sure you drink plenty of water, which is important to losing weight. I’m just so thrilled to be a part of this program" - Lauren

My health has deteriorated over the past 13 years, I have had discs broken in my neck, two discs completely out, half a disc out in the lower back, this created walking , flexibility and mobility problems.  Simple things like, getting out and turning over in bed, sitting up for periods at a time, needing assistance in getting up, weakness in the arm and also breathing difficulties.When I first started at Shapemaster Body Toning & Rehabilitation Studio I was not able to get on and off the machines myself and needed assistance, my general health was in a very poor state, in the past 5 months that has all changed the machines have worked really well and my health, well being, flexibility and mobility has improved 85%, I feel and look better, I can now use the machines myself 95% of time, I don’t go to the Osteopath as often - Pat

It’s great to go to a place where you can relax and have a workout at the same time. You really look forward to each session, whilst talking to the friendly staff. I have found my body to be toning up and being more energized. It’s a great confidence booster - Gill

Testimonials from Shapemaster users around the UK

Glynis had a brain tumour removed in 1998. During the operation she suffered a stroke, leaving her with paralysis down one side of her body. She underwent four months of physiotherapy before she was allowed home with full-time carers. She learnt to sit in a chair on her own, then gradually managed to stand and walk independently. Initially she attended BASIC for aromatherapy massages that helped to de-stress her mood and relax her. Then she started to use Shapemaster.  After three months she had lost ten inches from her waist and also she found that regular exercising stopped her muscles from deteriorating through lack of use. Glynis continues to lose weight, build muscle and finds that visiting BASIC lifts her spirits. Glynis Shaw, 53, Manchester

I have been a member for three months and have lost 12lbs and 12 inches all without any strenuous exercise. The modern equipment makes it easy for all of us to use. Liz, 55, Shapemaster Feel Good Factory, Honley

18 inches less and 13lbs lighter than when I joined 7 weeks ago! Excellent exercise regime takes only 35 minutes out of your day. Exercise and enjoyment in one. Joy 53, Feel Good Factory, Honley

I have lost 38 inches and 1.5 stone without any changes in my eating habits. It’s absolutely wonderful. I was a size 16 no I am a neat size 10 and I am very, very pleased. Adele, 66, Feel Good Factory, Tollgate

I have MS so I joined to keep my legs mobile, but I have lost 3.5 stone and 26.5 inches. Losing weight and inches has benefited me more than I ever imagined. Zara, 67, Feel Good Factory, Chester

I feel I have so much to thank you and Shapemaster for. I joined the Feel Good Factory on the first day it opened and I can honestly say my life changed for the better from that day. Not only is my mobility so much better but the friendliness of everyone who attends makes it a joy to attend and I always look forward to my sessions. I am now able to live a more full, active and happy life. It is difficult to put into words just how good I now feel, and it is all down to Shapemaster.Hilary, 59, Feel Good Factory, Tollgate