Inches Toning and Weigh tloss centre is 100% committed to helping ladies achieve their health, wellbeing and fitness goals as well as helping them to lose weight for good!

Our staff are trained on how to coach our clients how to use our bio mechanically designed machines which will work every major muscle group in the body. Inches is a time effective 30 minute session, ideal for ladies on the go!!

There are no special shoes or clothes required and the results will amaze you. It’s a warm, friendly, fun and sociable environment and you work at your own pace. There are no age, weight or mobility restrictions so everyone is welcome. Inches will also be selling a fantastic range of weight loss products and will offer ladies a free weight evaluation and on-going weight loss support.

With Shapemaster at Inches, there is Increased fat reduction in comparison to traditional excercise with improved lean to fat body composition ratios. This leads to a lower Body Mass Index overall. 20 Reasons to Shapemaster at Inches

  • Improvement in posture through strengthening the core muscle groups and readdressing muscle imbalance
  • Inch loss as the muscles are lengthened and strengthened creating a leaner longer looking body, toned and firmer
  • Improved flexibility, mobility, balance and strength
  • Achievement of potential, physically and mentally
  • Minimise and even reverse the effects of ageing – live younger, longer
  • Social environment
  • More energy
  • More self-esteem — feel happier and healthier
  • Less injury through pulled muscles
  • Better digestion and raised metabolism
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol ore easier to control
  • Reduction of the risk of heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, lung problems, diabetes and osteoporosis
  • Cope better with stress and relaxation achieved
  • Sleep better
  • Assist the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to infections
  • No need to dress specially - no need to shower
  • Anyone can start the program even if deconditioned, disabled, or fit
  • No sweat or pain
  • Achieve a better body
  • Have fun!